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Power Savings

    Lower your electrical bills by recycling energy inside your home!  This is the same technology that industries and utility companies have used for years, and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and is UL listed/tested.

    Electric induction motors, found in appliances such as refridgerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and fans, waste a percentage of electricity due to the resistance of the magnetic fields.  In the average American home, this results in a power efficiency factor of about .77.  The other 23% of the electricity that is billed to the home is wasted!

      Our power savings unit unit typically increases the power efficiency factor to a .97 or .98, which results in an increased effective use of the electricity, lowering the overall usage/amount billed.  This increased efficiency also reduces the heating of the electric motors, resulting in a longer motor life for your appliances.

    Another element contributing to electrical waste in American homes are electrical harmonics.  The harmonic interference of electrical noise in a building's electrical system can cause premature failure of appliances and electronic devices.  Damaging harmonics can be caused by televisions, computers, variable frequency drives, energy-efficient lighting, and more.  Our power savings unit counteracts this by using MOVs (metal oxide varistors), in addiiton to protecting against  spikes and surges caused by sources such as electric motors turning on, power fluctuations, static electricity and lightning.  Our power savings unit also protects appliances by detecting the surge, switching "off," and blocking it from causing damage.  A $25,000 limited warranty is supplied to cover any damage to equipment if the unit is not successful in preventing damage to electronic equipment.  

    The average cost per kilowatt hour has increased from 2 cents to more than 10 cents - and will only continue rising.  Wouldn't you want to mitigate your power bill, rather than let it grow?

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